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Lawrence (Lee) L Golusinski Jr, MD
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In order to help facilitate communication Intown Family Practice & Sports Medicine, PC

1. offers electronic communication via a secure web-server (Patient Health Portal) as a service to patients at their request.

2. will never distribute email addresses to a third-party.

3. will respond to electronic communications from patients within 72 hours, Monday thru Friday.

4. cannot respond to emergencies via email.

6. utilizes email for non-urgent questions.

7. may opt to have you come in for an appointment if the correspondence takes too long to address or requires several exchanges in a brief time period.

8. can only address issues related to problem(s) for which the physician has seen the patient and not new problems.

9. expects that those using the Patient Health Portal for electronic communications will check your messages.

10. keeps a record of all patient-related electronic communications.

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