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Prescriptions and refills are generally issued at appointments. Dr. Golusinski writes for enough refills to last until the next time he wants you to be seen. If you have run out of your medication, it generally means that it is time for an appointment as Dr. Golusinski wants to make sure the medication is working, that you are not having side effects and to do any necessary monitoring needed for the medication. In addition, prescriptions which are phoned in to the pharmacy have a higher chance of medication errors. Therefore, in general, for your safety refills are not issued over the phone. Routine prescriptions and refills are never issued after office hours or on weekends so please check your medication bottles to see that you do not need them during this time.

Dr. Golusinski makes every effort to prescribe the least expensive and most effective medication. However, many insurances have different medication policies. If your insurance requires a prior authorization for a certain medication, you may be asked to complete their required form.


Below are links to the common Pharmacy Benefits Managers (mail order pharmacies):


Cigna Tel-drug

Express Scripts

Optum RX

Walgreens Health

A NOTE ABOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS:  Dr. Golusinski has a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine and a full and unrestricted DEA license to prescribe medications.  Any prescription he writes is valid and can be filled in accordance with with state and federal laws.  YOUR insurance company or pharmacy benefits company may choose to put roadblocks or restrictions on what THEY will pay for.  As above, Dr. Golusinski makes every attempt to prescribe medications based on your insurers' policies.  As a courtesy, we will complete prior authorizations.  However, we have no control over what the insurance/pharmacy benefits company does with those prior authorizations.  We apologize for any inconvenience or interruption your insurance/pharmacy benefits company causes you or your treatment.


To learn more about prescriptions and medication safety please check out these links:

 Formularies and co-pays    (from the American Academy of Family Physicians)

 Preventing medication errors


For help in managing your medications please check out the following link:    (free reminders and medication schedules)










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