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Lawrence (Lee) L Golusinski Jr, MD



Dr. Golusinski practices evidence-based medicine and follows nationally established guidelines treatment for many conditions. He strives to come up with treatment that is acceptable to the patient, that minimizes cost and risk, and that is medically sound. He also realizes that there are other forms of complementary medicine available to patients and utilizes those in which he is familiar. For those in which he is not familiar, he may provide an opinion about their possible effectiveness or safety but can not recommend them as they may be outside his training and expertise.



Physicals/Wellness Visits

Annual physicals or wellness visits are preventive visits and are meant to keep you healthy. This includes history and physical examination, (the precise content and extent of the exam is based on age, gender and identified risk factors), anticipatory guidance, risk factor reduction interventions or counseling, ordering of appropriate immunizations or preventive laboratory/diagnostic procedures and management of insignificant problems. Evaluation of significant new problems or management of significant changes in status of previous problems or medical conditions are not included in a preventive visit and may be additionally billed at the appropriate evaluation/management level.



As a primary care physician, Dr. Golusinski sometimes refers patients to sub-specialists. Prior to referring a patient to a sub-specialist, Dr. Golusinski usually will see a patient first to make sure that the proper sub-specialist is chosen for the correct reason. Exceptions include referral back to a sub-specialist a patient has been seeing on an ongoing basis. Referrals are not made for patients who have never been seen in the office. Please ask any sub-specialist to whom you are referred to supply Dr. Golusinski with a report.

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